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No more sleepless days and nights

No more sleepless days and nights

With over 150,000 happy babies and parents, swing2sleep is by far Germany's most popular swing hammock, which is often recommended by midwives and osteopaths.
The swing2sleep hammock uses gentle up and down movements that mimic the feeling in the womb. This familiar feeling helps babies calm down and fall asleep. The movements of the hammock are constant and rhythmic, which has a calming effect on the baby and helps him fall into a deep, restful sleep. In short, the perfect sleep aid for your baby.

Out of love for our daughter and ultimately also for us as parents.

As new parents to a baby who couldn't stop crying, we often felt overwhelmed and full of self-doubt. We knew we had to find a solution - not just for us, but for every parent going through the same thing. After many sleepless nights and countless attempts, we discovered that gently rocking up and down calmed our baby. This discovery was the beginning of swing2sleep. With a lot of passion and perseverance, we have developed and constantly improved our swing hammock. Today we are proud to be able to say that our swing2sleep hammock is already used in over 150,000 families and helps babies sleep much better, parents are more relaxed and these families are happier and more satisfied.

Our goal: To make it easier for families with babies to live together, to demonstrably reduce stress and thus bring more love and understanding back into the families.